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Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s important, see, because my roof leaks water into my room. So that sucks.

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Self-Obsession, Geography, and Mortgages

Sometimes I google myself. That’s right. I type “sean wallace” into google and see how high up the results I come. Most of the time it’s simply that, a popularity check, but sometimes I’m actually interested in what parts of my online activity are becoming public.

Today I was looking at whether, in the mind of google, I’m associated with the Fed. Answer: I’m not, much, but I was surprised to find out that I was listed as a research assistant on a paper by Ellen Merry at work. I made some maps for her a couple of months ago, and here they are! Cool. Maybe eventually I’ll stop posting each time something I worked on gets “published,” but I’m not sure.

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Personal Robocaller!

DCist directed me to an interesting and entertaining article at one of their contributors’ blogs this morning. It’s called part man. part machine. all disenfranchising. and this paragraph (step four in the plan) made me laugh:

4. Record a disenfranchising message. Maybe you warn that back taxes or delinquent parking tickets will be collected at the polling place. Or maybe you direct voters to a new, nonexistent polling place. It’s not hard — it just takes a little bit of imagination and a computer with a microphone.

I don’t know the guy that wrote this, but I tend to agree with him that “the big boys are already misbehaving — I don’t particularly mind if the process gets democratized.” Go us!

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2006 HMDA article

I provided research assistance on the Federal Reserve’s 2006 HMDA article. It is “published” in the Federal Reserve Bulletin and available as a .pdf from that same page.

HMDA stands for Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, and it is legislation that makes mortgage lenders report various things about applications they receive to the government, and indirectly, to me. Then my bosses (and I) write up this report on what’s new in the world of mortgages this year! It’s pretty darn exciting. Or not. Whatever. We’re looking at issues like racial disparity in loan approval rates and loan pricing.

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What a great show!

This clip of Will and Carlton sums up the whole show, pretty much. Enjoy.

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This shit cracks me up

From The Hold Steady‘s web page about their new album, Boys and Girls in America:

No. I moved to New York when I was 29 years old, so maybe you’re hanging out with a better quality of person. When you’re 18, there’s some idiots who are like, “We’re gonna go drink this under a bridge, you wanna come?” And you’re like, “Yeah. Absolutely. How would we not want to drink under a bridge?” I think Minneapolis is pretty unique. The delinquents out there are pretty delinquent. And everyone’s got a car, so there’s like, a lot of mobility. A lot of bad ideas can be put into action quickly. ‘Cause you can like, haul stuff.

That’s priceless, and so true about much of America.

Oh, and it’s a great album. Check it out! I think I’m going to go see them when they are in D.C. in November.

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