Saw This on Facebook

From Zoe Bond’s facebook page. I think it’s funny. I need to watch Eddie Izzard again.

God: “Well ok, who am I? Oh, ok…I created the world in 6 days. On the 7th day I rested, on the 8th day I rested…again, 9th day rested-Cuz i had just made a FUCKING world…ya know? 10th day rested…on the 14th day I decided to smoke all the marijuana I had created (just to test the first batch)..then on the 15th day I decided to smoke all the opium I created (just to test the first batch)…and on the 309th day-I woke up again and decided to create 500 Huuuge monsters that i had seen just the night before.” -eddie izzard on dinosaurs

P.S. Mostly, this post is for Molly (my internet stalker?), and I have no idea who Zoe Bond is. But apparently I have a friend who is her friend.
Update: I found a different and maybe better version of this at some random site.

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