DC by Race And Ethnicity

Want to see a map of DC and the surrounding area by race and ethnicity? I whipped this up a while ago with the help of my friend Chris. It’s pretty striking. We’ve got more plans (looking at income distributions, for example), but I’ve been busy, so we’ll see when I get a chance to do more. Geography + census = nifty.

People in DC MSA

The data comes from Census 2000, and we put it together using arcmap. Each dot represents 200 people of a race in a census tract. This means that if there are fewer than 200 people of that race in the tract then there will be no dot. Also, the dot is placed randomly within the area of the tract. The size of census tracts is determined by population density, though, so in DC (pretty dense) a tract is very small. It’s mostly accurate, but not perfect.

I’d like to read about geography and segregation.

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