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Pirates 3

Despite the typical-for-this-franchise crazy semi-nonsensical plot the movie was fun. And highly entertaining. Also, the guy directly behind me scream-laughing into my ear approximately every 72 seconds, on average, was pretty awesome too!.

Update: Salon has a fairly negative review posted. I like this bit:

Director Gore Verbinksi and writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio have shoehorned so much action, movement and manufactured dazzle into the picture — all cued by Hans Zimmer’s hyperventilating music — that the thing never simply breathes. This is a glazed, inhuman, cluttered piece of work, a storytelling mishmash that buries the considerable charms of its actors under heavy drifts of silt.

I can see what the author is saying, but don’t agree with her final conclusion of “basically worthless.” I do recommend being prepared for ridiculousness and over-the-top chaos, though.

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Civil War Video Map

This video is neat. It shows a time-lapsed history of the U.S. civil war along with growing casualty counts. Lots of history viewed in four minutes.

via Catholicgauze.

Update: The video is from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Also, it looks like whoever posted it on Youtube has decided to delete it. Get it while it lasts!

Update 2: I downloaded it and here it is. I assume few enough people read my weblog that I won’t have any copyright troubles.

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Last night I rented and watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. I liked the first movie a lot, and the second one was pretty good. The third movie, World’s End, comes out tomorrow and I’m going to see it with some friends. I’m pretty excited, but was a little disappointed in the way the second one ended. It seemed like a silly, anticlimactic, and blatant set up for a sequel. Meh, it was still fun to watch, so as long as the third iteration is as good I’ll be happy.

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This is a super idea, yes?

I know Ben, at least, will appreciate this one.

How great of a shirt idea is this?

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems - Design Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems - Model

It’s called Biggie Was Right, from Threadless T-Shirts.

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Gallaudet Graduation – fun, fun, fun

My friend Cecily received her master’s degree in linguistics from Gallaudet last week. I wasn’t able to make it, but she was selected to give the graduate student graduation speech (say that ten times fast), and from what I hear it was great. The text of the speech is available online. Cecily pointed it out and I’m going to post the link here, too, but before I give it to you let me give you some background on the article and comment thread you are about to read.

The speech is good. It’s about multilingualism and how everybody should try to be multilingual. True. But the real meat of the page is the comment thread that follows. Go take a look at Julie Hochgesang’s entry, Speech, Speech, Speech! at the DeafDC blog. It’s a long page, but much of it is worth reading, and it becomes increasingly funny as you read through the comments.

Dear Bert, From Sean

One commenter in particular, a guy named Bert, had me about ready to respond. I thought better of it, however, and simply took a screenshot of what I wrote. Once you’ve read the thread, or even before if you want, take a look at this picture.

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Stu and I were just talking about this on Sunday, and my friend Elizabeth sent me a video today. Parkour, sometimes called l’art du déplacement (English: the art of movement), is really cool looking. This video is not necessarily the best one out there, but it’s a good taste of the sport/activity/way of life/whatever.

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It’s been a while…

Pearls Before Swine - May 13, 2007

It’s been a while since a syndicated comic (other than Get Fuzzy) made me laugh out loud. I like this one, though.

There’s an official website, but I read it using the unofficial Pearls Before Swine comics-only feed.

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Another Map

Speaking of maps…this one shows my facebook friends’ hometowns. It can’t match a lot of people because they put in non-standard things for their hometowns, and it seems to have an especially difficult time with Canada, but it’s still interesting.

Facebook Friends

Make your own at MapYourBuddies.

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Maps are cool

I ran into a nifty mapblog (or is it maplog?) detailing a congressional trip to Iraq. A mapblog is like a weblog or photoblog, but on a map. I never would have thought of that. It’s kind of neat, though. Check it out.

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hey ya

I’m eating paella right now. It’s from the cafeteria here at work, and it’s surprisingly good. I like seafood paella.

In other news: I’m going to New York this weekend. Get this: I’m going for no particular reason. A good thing about living a reasonably short and cheap bus ride away from a very cool city. I think we’re going to go the Mets game tomorrow, and maybe we’ll see a play or something. Who knows! That’s the beauty of it.

I have two very dead camera batteries with me, so I’ll try to get them charged up and take some pictures.

If you like weird/funny internet history then you should check this article about internet jargon and funny pictures out. If you don’t know much about crazy internet memes then watch out — you have lots to learn here.

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