Pirates 3

Despite the typical-for-this-franchise crazy semi-nonsensical plot the movie was fun. And highly entertaining. Also, the guy directly behind me scream-laughing into my ear approximately every 72 seconds, on average, was pretty awesome too!.

Update: Salon has a fairly negative review posted. I like this bit:

Director Gore Verbinksi and writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio have shoehorned so much action, movement and manufactured dazzle into the picture — all cued by Hans Zimmer’s hyperventilating music — that the thing never simply breathes. This is a glazed, inhuman, cluttered piece of work, a storytelling mishmash that buries the considerable charms of its actors under heavy drifts of silt.

I can see what the author is saying, but don’t agree with her final conclusion of “basically worthless.” I do recommend being prepared for ridiculousness and over-the-top chaos, though.

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