First Race in 7 Years

I’m a little late on writing this. The race was a 3k and it was on June 18th. It’s called the Tidal Basin 3k (map), and DC Road Runners puts it on for free on the third Wednesday of every month. If you’re in the area you should come out and run with me!

The last time I ran competitively was in the Spring of 2000, so it’s pretty exciting to be getting into it again. I’m pretty slow so far, but I’m actually running regularly and stuff so I should get faster. It will get hotter and more humid over the next two months, though, so Kevin, our resident speedster / experienced runner here at the office, tells me that I shouldn’t expect to improve too much right away. I’m gonna try anyways, obviously.

The really fun thing about it is that somewhere around 35 people from the Fed go out and run this race, since it’s at lunch time and only a couple blocks from work. Some nerdy economists have devised a scoring system so that the three different groups are racing against each other, which keeps it interesting.

Right, my time. I ran 3000 meters in 13:02, which I was happy with and am excited to improve on. I’ll post again after this month’s race.

Update: results.

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