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Ferret Gambling (plus disclaimer)

Ferret Gambling

Disclaimer: I found the image in my last post while doing a google image search for “ferrets gambling”, of all things. In case you are wondering, Ben, Steph, and I are responsible for the best ferret gambling picture not indexed by google, as shown here (click for a close up):

Ferrets are awesome when they gamble. Actually, they’re awesome all the time.

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Applies to…everything?

I think this Venn diagram is clever:

Venn Diagram Example

From a nerdy article that’s probably not interesting to anyone reading this. It’s not even really interesting to me, but I at least know what he is talking about

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I did lots of things in Oregon

Without details, here is the schedule my friend Ben and I made for our week. We made this in the midst of our Seven-Step Monday Nightâ„¢ (which we only completed six steps of, unfortunately). There were many corrections, additions, subtractions, and eventually the complete loss of the schedule. It was a great week.

the schedule

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Another Wednesday, Another Race

And another PR. Go me! My friend Andy wasn’t at work yesterday so I ended up starting out with some people who were running faster than I planned to. End result: a 19th place finish and time of 11:51. Oh and that person I beat by 2 seconds, Lamont Black, is an economist who I work with. He’s pretty mad that I beat him.

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My Work

So the report that we’ve been working on for months and months is finally finished. It’s really long, but there is actually some very interesting stuff about credit scores and credit scoring in there. You have to click through like three pages of the Fed’s web page, so here’s a direct link: Report to the Congress on Credit Scoring and Its Effects on the Availability and Affordability of Credit (1.84 MB PDF).

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