Life goes on

Hello World! I had a great weekend.

On Saturday I ran in the New Orleans Rebirth 5k, my first 5k since high school. I finished in 22:53, not as fast as I wanted to, but still not a bad time. A bunch of friends ran with me which made it great fun. We fielded a team, and Amy joined at the last minute but apparently it didn’t get recorded correctly — if it had we would have won all the team categories pretty handily. Yay us.

On Sunday, I went sailing on the Chesapeake with a couple of friends. Two of us (not me) had sailed a reasonable amount in the last few years, one of whom sailed a bunch this summer. I had sailed a little bit when I was a kid. Our fourth had never really sailed much. We were not what one would call “experienced.” Despite that, or perhaps because of it, we had a good time and managed to get around fine without using the motor. Trial and error! I hope to get some more sailing in this year and to keep it up next year. It’s a really nice way to spend time on the water.

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