Wait a second…

I’ve started studying for the GRE, sort of. I’m tentatively planning on applying for grad school (a phd in economics) next year, though I’m getting nervous as I wonder things like, “why do I want to do this again?” Then I noticed this comic I had posted on my wall at work, and it really brought the question into focus. Click for the full cartoon.

Economics - First panel

Fortunately, application due dates aren’t until the winter, so I’ve got some time to think about it.

There’s a bit of a story behind this cartoon: a very yellow copy of it is (was?) posted on the bulletin board of my old boss’ University of Oregon office with no attribution whatsoever. I though it was funny when I was his TA. I tried to figure out what it was after I moved to DC, and it turns out it’s from a great book called More Washingtoons by Mark Alan Stamaty, which is a compilation of cartoons originally published in the Washington Post. Incidentally, approximately 3 copies of this book exist in the world today. I eventually tracked one down at the Georgetown University Library and managed to photocopy and then scan this page.

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