The Burritos have taken to referring to my upcoming trip as LowPro’s Greatest Hits. I guess that’s pretty optimistic, but here’s to hoping.

The quick and dirty long and complicated plan, dates excluded for simplicity, is below. I really wish I could take a big world map and a marker and scribble out the route. That would be fun. Hmmm… I need a map.

Some of this is tentative and some is for sure, but it’s a fun plan so far.

I start by flying from Washington, DC to Chicago, Illinois, to hang out with my friend Amy. Then I hop on the California Zephyr* and ride overnight to Denver, Colorado where I’m visiting Sarah. After a couple days, I get back on the same train to complete it’s run to Emeryville, California, a town near where my buddy Andy lives in Berkeley. We’ll spend a day or two in San Francisco before I head over to Sacramento to see my dad, his wife, and their dog. I complete the California leg of the journey on the notoriously late, avoid-at-all-costs, Coast Starlight* heading north overnight to Eugene, Oregon.

Phew. This is my hometown, my mom and sister live here, and I get to relax for only a week before heading out to near Sisters, Oregon for a backpacking trip with my buddy Jake and probably a couple of other people. When I return to Eugene I’ll get on the Cascades* to Seattle, Washington with a potential stop in Portland to visit friends. I’ll probably stay with one of the Sarahs for a couple of days there before heading up to Vancouver, British Columbia to re-acquaint myself with Sebastian, Hope, and my old stomping grounds.

From there, I’m going to take the dreaded Greyhound up to Kamloops, British Columbia where my grandparents live. I might also go to Kelowna for a day to see some family on my dad’s side. From Kamloops, I will place my butt firmly in the back right seat of my grandparent’s Subaru for the next two weeks. (Really, I’ll get out sometimes, but the idea is that we’re going to be in the car a lot.) We’re going to lots of places in western & central Canada including Oxbow, Saskatchewan, Regina, Saskatachewan, Calgary, Alberta, and lots of others that I don’t know about yet.

Once we return to Kamloops I hope to chill out at Lac La Juene for a few days before beginning my back-to-Oregon journey. After returning to Eugene, I will once again relax for a week or so before I head to Toronto, Ontario to visit my ex-DC friend Chip. Finally, I’ll take an unknown method of transportation to New York, where I’ll hang out for a day or two.

By now, it’s mid-October and I’m about to head to Paris, France, where I’ll hang out with my good friends Christina and Rebecca for a long weekend. Christina lived there for a while in the past so I’m pretty sure she’ll make an excellent tour guide. After the ladies head back to the states, I’ll jump on a super-cheap flight up to Stockholm, Sweden, where my friend Aaron lives. Lots to see and do here, I’m told, so I’m not sure how long I’ll stay. Regardless, the next stop will probably be Amsterdam, Netherlands, quickly followed by Rotterdam and Delft, where my Dutch friends Jorn and Daniel live. Here things get a little fuzzy, but I know that I’ll probably visit somewhere or somewheres on my way south to Rome, Italy, where I’m meeting John from Alaska and getting on board our cruise ship. For the next 12 days we’ll be in the Mediterranean with stops in the following places:

  • Naples, Italy
  • Athens, Greece
  • Kusadasi, Turkey
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Mykonos, Greece
  • Port Said, Egypt
  • Alexandria, Egypt
  • A day trip to Cairo, Egypt
  • Rome, Italy

Once we return to Rome, John and I will fly to Split, Croatia to begin the overland portion of our journey together. After seeing what Split has to offer, we are taking a ferry down the coast to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Next stop is Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina for a couple of days before continuing to Skopje, Macedonia. From Macedonia, we will continue to Thessaloniki, Greece where we catch a night train to Istanbul, Turkey, our final destination on this leg of the trip.

After a few days in Istanbul we will catch flights up to Amsterdam, Netherlands where we’ll spend a few more days together, probably drinking beer inside away from the winter weather before John heads back to the states. I then have a week or so unplanned, though I’m considering visits to Denmark or Luxembourg before I go to Berlin, Germany to visit my friend Nuria.

I think I’ll probably take another train back to Paris for my flight back to New York, where I’ll only spend one day before flying even farther west to Eugene, Oregon for a much needed rest.

That’s as far as I’ve planned, but my probable next stop is Xela, Guatemala, by way of New York City once again, where I hope to enroll in Spanish language school.

Whew. Quite a plan, won’t you agree?

* trains, in case you didn’t figure that out


  1. Kristen said,

    September 22, 2008 at 9:15

    Hey Sean, I know it’s like two months late for a comment but I thought I should leave one anyway considering I somehow missed this post until now. Funny story actually, I saw you were reading ‘The Balkans’ and then noted in an earlier post that you were going to the Balkans….and meeting someone for a cruise?? I figured I must have missed something regarding the length of your little trip. You would think the tag “world tour” would have tipped me off. Ha. Anyways, I guess my comment is “WOW” and “awesome, I am excited you are getting to see more of the world.” Congratulations on making it happen. That’s a lot of planning. I hope you are having fun. See you in the Euge!

  2. Back on the Wagon » said,

    January 24, 2009 at 12:45

    […] I still plan to write about my European adventures at some point, but in the meantime you can look at this nifty map of my travels in 2008. As you can see I did a pretty good job of following my plan. […]