Denver, Colorado

8/12/2008 – 8/14/2008

I’ll keep this pretty short: my train arrived late Tuesday morning, but Sarah was happy to pick me up anyways. We went to breakfast. It was good. Then she took me back to her apartment where I was re-introduced to the cat, Squash, and she (Sarah, not Squash) gave me a key, her bike, and some advice.

Colorado Capitol

I went for a run, then hopped on the bike and rode around downtown Denver. As part of my explorations I stood on the step of the Colorado Capitol that is exactly one mile above sea level. After a time I stopped and got some coffee and read for a bit, but eventually meandered my way back to Sarah’s apt. I walked across the street and bought some Oregon beers (yay!) and then hung out at the place until Sarah got home, at which point we walked downtown and wandered around Larimer Street for a bit, had a couple beers, and I got drunk on a very small amount of alcohol (altitude!).

British Columbian Art

Our first stop Wednesday morning was the U.S. Mint. We arrived at 8:40 and conned our way into the 9 o’clock tour to look at coins and coining machines for a while. After a tasty omelet for breakfast I made my way to the public library–where I used the free internet to order my new camera–and then on to the Denver Art Museum. The museum was actually very cool, and I ended up staying there for quite a while. After returning to Sarah’s apartment I went for another run before we began the night’s activities. The plan: dinner and a Langhorne Slim concert. The concert was great! Check out the music. After the show we had a drink and then headed back to Sarah’s house. At this point we had a pretty surreal experience. *lowpro moment* Fun times.

Thursday morning, I caught my train. It left three hours late, but I knew that was going to happen so I didn’t show up at Union Station until 10 o’clock.

Reading: On The Road

Departure: Amtrak California Zephyr, Denver’s Union Station to Emeryville’s station, $120.00

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