Arrowhead Lake & the Middle Sister

8/26/2008 – 8/28/2008

I went backpacking with my buddy Jake and his friend Toby. After borrowing a lot of gear from Jake and packing my backpack up, we headed over to Toby’s house for a delicious breakfast. As we finished breakfast, it was still only 9 AM or so, so we still got an early start. Driving out of Eugene through Springfield, up highway 126, then turning onto old 242 we soon arrived at the Obsidian Limited Access Area trailhead, parked and headed out. I hadn’t really hiked in the area around the sisters before, but wow! it’s really beautiful.

On Wednesday morning, we woke early ready to climb the mountain, only to find terrible weather. It was completely “socked in” which apparently is commonly understood to mean “cloudy and foggy everwhere” even though I’ve never heard it before. Anyways, we went back to sleep for a while. Eventually, I got out of the tent and shivered while I made some coffee, quickly returning to the tent to eat breakfast and figure out what we would do. Around 12:30 we decided that even though the weather was bad we had to do something, so we flipped a rock to decide whether to hike uphill or downhill. The plan was just to walk around for an hour or two and see what happened. The rock said to go uphill, so we grabbed a powerbar each and headed out. As we left I asked if there wasn’t some chance we might climb the mountain, so Toby and Jake each grabbed their ice axes. This was the start of our “accidental” summit of the Middle Sister. Here’s a view from the top, including the South Sister and Jake:

Panorama from Summit, Middle Sister, Oregon

After returning to camp, Jake and I went for a silly run which left me really, really tired. Fun times.

I took a bunch of pictures during the trip, so go take a look at the whole set on flickr. As you will see, we also stopped at Proxy Falls on the way home.

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