Portland, Oregon

8/30/2008 – 9/1/2008

Due to my silliness in Eugene I arrived a couple of hours late, and even though Jimbo had been at the train station looking for me earlier (his phone was dead) he managed to borrow another car to come pick me up. Great! We stopped by Powell’s and grabbed a slice of pizza up on Hawthorne before heading back to his house. We went over to Nathan’s house to watch the Oregon Ducks football game, then kept hanging out there in the evening drinking beer for a while. Ended up in somebody’s basement watching people play music.

On Sunday we again hung out at Nathan’s with the big screen TV, eventually ordering a gigantic amount of fried chicken while watching Uptown Saturday Night (which was really great!). After eating way too much we went back to Jimbo’s to recuperate before heading to the west side to go to a karaoke night Casey had organized. He managed to get many of Portland’s famous and not-yet-famous musicians to show up and hang out, many of them singing a song or two. It was weird because I recognized many of the people in the room from Eugene. Apparently most of the U of O moves to Portland after graduation.

Monday afternoon I headed across town on the bus to meet my ride. I got on the wrong one the first time but managed to figure it out in time and was lucky with the timing so didn’t miss my ride.

Reading: Started reading Jimbo’s copy of Bomb the Suburbs–it’s great!–but I left my copy in Eugene so I’ll have to finish it later. Also still working on The Balkans.

Departure: Craigslist rideshare to Seattle, $15.

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