Road Trip Canada, Days 1-4

9/7/2008 – 9/10/2008

Vancouver – Kamloops – Lac Le Juene – Kelowna – Revelstoke – Olds

On the Road in Chilliwack, British Columbia

I arrived at the Kamloops greyhound terminal after a fairly uneventful trip. My grandpa was there to pick me up and we stopped to get some dinner (supper, here in Canada) to take back to the house. After supper we headed out to the lake house at Lac Le Juene, just a half an hour away. Lake at Sunset I, Lac Le Juene, British Columbia I ran shortly after arriving, but a little while later the sun went down in a spectacular fashion. Throughout this trip we would play cards for small change, but this first night–the time I ran away with the game–we neglected to put any money on the line. Oh well. The plan was to visit my paternal grandma in Kelowna, a couple of hours away, before we headed east for real, so we headed to bed fairly early.

Family, Kelowna, British Columbia

At my grandma Wallace’s in Kelowna, my uncle Vern and aunt Marilyn surpised me by attending as well. We had a good lunch and it was really nice to catch up with these people as I hadn’t seen them in many years, Marilyn in particular. Vern just recently retired and he seems to be having a great time of it so far.

A stop for ice cream at a dairy that had a camel and a llama in the yard was the extent of our stops before a hotel in Revelstoke for the night.

BC Logging Truck II, British Columbia

Tuesday morning we got on the road early, crossing the border to Alberta in a fog before arriving at my great uncle Daryl and great aunt Verna’s place in Olds, north of Calgary. Here I ran, played cards, billiards, and shuffleboard, and ate excellent food. I also got to listen to lots of family catching-up and stories about relatives that I don’t know very well.

Reading: The Balkans; A Storm of Swords.

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  1. m said,

    September 28, 2008 at 11:29

    Your photos & comments are making me homesick! Glad you got to visit White Rock – some wonderful memories….