Road Trip Canada, Days 5-9

9/11/2008 – 9/15/2008

Olds – Regina – Kenosee Lake – Oxbow – Kenosee Lake – Regina

Family II, Regina, Saskatchewan

Another day of driving–Tim Hortons stops included!–and we arrived in Regina at my Aunt Donna’s house. After dinner and a sunset run we sat down to a game of Shanghai Rummy. (We play a version similar to, but still distinctly different from, the ones mentioned here.)

Friday morning we went to the hospital to visit my great aunt (sort of) who is very sick, then after lunch drove down to Kenosee Lake, where my great uncle Bob lives. The lake is in Moose Mountain Provincial Park and is a pretty nice place to live. A tasty dinner of ribs at the golf course across the road and then it was off to bed for everybody.


I woke up early the next morning to run before we headed out to Oxbow for my great grandmother’s graveside service. At the cemetery we encountered the worst weather of the trip–windy, rainy and cold– but the tea afterwards had quite a good turn out and was nice. I was the youngest person in the group of 30 or so people by approximately 40 years, which was a bit strange. IMG_0278We then drove back to Kenosee so we could watch the Saskatchewan Rough Riders vs. BC Lions Canadian Football League game upon which I bet and won some money!

On the 15th we drove back up to Regina, where we would be until Thursday.

Reading: The Balkans; A Storm of Swords.

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