Maple Ridge & Vancouver, British Columbia

9/25/2008 – 9/27/2008

I arrived at Langley Greyhound station and wandered around a little bit before figuring out which local bus I needed to take to get to Fort Langley. A short ride later and I got off at what I thought was the right place. I walked a few blocks and eventually found the ferry to take me across the Fraser River, where Ryan managed to come pick me up in his quickly-breaking car. Whew, I made it.

I got to spend some more time with Ryan and the whole family on this visit. Jill was actually around this time which was really nice, and I spent more time with everybody than I did last time. I love these guys! Fraser, Lynn, Ryan, Jill, Emily and Olivia. I even got to say hi to Melodie on the phone. We: went to a concert in Vancouver, played rock band, tossed a frisbee (w/Olivia), went for a run (w/Ryan), learned how to play Buck Euchre (w/Jill & Ryan) and even regular Euchre (w/Jill, Ryan & Lynn). Super fun. I once again got a ride to the skytrain from Ryan and off I went to Vancouver to meet Sebastien and Hope at a friend’s party.

I had some trouble finding the place and actually startled the host from the street about half an hour before I actually met her, but Seb eventually saw me walking around looking lost and scared the crap out of me on the street. Much silliness concluded the evening and a good portion of Saturday morning was spent recovering from Friday night. I did meet some neat Irish fellows who had just moved to Vancouver and were full of funny and interesting stories. They had actually met the host when they purchased her couch through craigslist and she had invited them to the party. Awesome!

We went for a wonderful walk around Stanley Park on Saturday morning and I saw some more things that reminded me of childhood memories. The mini-train! The Aquarium! Then we ate hot dogs which is always one of my favorite things to do. Finally, we rented a zipcar and went shopping at MEC before dropping me at the train station shortly before my train left for Seattle.

Departure: Amtrak Cascades to Seattle, $30.

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