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New York, New York

10/14/2008 – 10/15/2008

Lee Lee Beauty & Hair Salon, New York

We had a good Thai dinner with a couple of Becks’ friends, but mostly my time was spent concentrating on getting better. I was back close to normal Wednesday morning, so Becks and I went out in search of a haircut. A place in Chinatown, Lee Lee’s, had been recommended at dinner because it came with a head and back massage and a shampoo and was still only $17. A map was drawn on a small piece of white paper. We found the place. I got the haircut deal, while Becks just got a massage, shampoo, and style. It was great.

After some doing we made our way to Newark Airport, sandwiches in hand, and caught our flight.

Departure: New Jersey Transport to Newark, $15; Air India, Newark to Charles de Gaulle, $690 roundtrip; train from CDG to Paris, 10€.
How Many Places I’m Behind on My Blog: 3!

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Toronto, Ontario

10/7/2008 – 10/14/2008

CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario

I left Portland at midnight, and didn’t arrive in Toronto until 7 PM the next day. Quite a bit of that time was spent sitting around — in JFK and Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The Megabus, which has an awesome name, and also only costs $9, proved the saying true that “you get what you pay for” — it was more than an hour late. While on the bus I managed to finish the excellent book I was reading, Bomb the Suburbs, and also watch an entertainingly angry new yorker on the bus yell about how shitty the service was for about 20 minutes after we got on.

In Toronto, Chip walked over from his apartment to the bus station. Conveniently, it’s across the street. If you know Toronto at all, you’ll know that this means Chip lives in a really great location. The University of Toronto is a 10 minute walk away and the main downtown area is even closer. Cool! We ate some Filipino food and then watched Transformers and drank beer.

University of Toronto, Ontario

Since I left DC I haven’t really been able to throw a frisbee around, but we did it almost every day in Toronto! Wednesday was the beginning of that, when Chip and I went for a tram ride down the expo grounds and tossed the disc in a little bit of rain. Despite the weather we managed to have a good time and I got to see quite a bit of the city as we wandered around. That evening was the first of another activity that happened throughout the week: watching Planet Earth dvds. This show is pretty cool, and we watched quite a few episodes.

Cousins, Toronto, Canada

Thursday had a slow start, followed by lunch at Chip’s brother Anton’s work, The Village Idiot Pub. More disc, then more wandering, and finally in the evening we made several trips to the airport, first to pick up Chip’s second cousin Joselle, then again to fetch our DC buddy Gabe. We proceeded to meet another friend of Chip and Gabe’s for a few beers in a weird arcade/bar (but not, notably, a barcade). Moosehead! (Picture of Joselle and Chip about 30 minutes after she arrived.)

Gabe and I went to a sort-of college reunion of his while Chip and Joselle picked Becks up at the airport. After dropping off J’s stuff at the house, those three eventually joined us at the bar. It was great to catch up!

On Saturday, we walked around some more: our destination, the Steam Whistle brewery tour. While waiting for the tour to start we tossed the disc around some more. The tour was pretty good, topped off by Chip trying to convince the guide that the Philippines is farther away (from Toronto) than Australia is. Not true, but he made a valiant effort. That evening we went to Anton’s house for a Canadian Thanksgiving party. Pretty much it was a regular house party with a whole thanksgiving spread of food on the side table. Nice! Canadian Thanksgiving was actually on Sunday night, but they bumped it up a day for the sake of the party.

Sunday, we went to Niagara Falls, which was really cool. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Falls/Rainbow, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Heeeeey, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Tightrope, Sort Of, Niagara Falls, Ontario

We concluded our visit to Niagara with a delicious family-style fried chicken meal. Chip was delighted. As were the rest of us really, but no one’s love of chicken can compare to Chip’s. 🙂 Just jokes, buddy!

Monday we made a ferry trip to Toronto Island, which was very nice. In the evening we ate way too much sushi. Then I got sick, not from the sushi. I spent a feverish and sleepless night before getting up early Tuesday to catch the bus to New York with Becks. Despite the sickness the last day, it was really a wonderful visit to a great Canadian city.

Reading: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; Bomb the Suburbs.
Departure: Megabus, Toronto to NYC, $60.
How Many Places I’m Behind on My Blog: 4, again.

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