New York, New York

10/14/2008 – 10/15/2008

Lee Lee Beauty & Hair Salon, New York

We had a good Thai dinner with a couple of Becks’ friends, but mostly my time was spent concentrating on getting better. I was back close to normal Wednesday morning, so Becks and I went out in search of a haircut. A place in Chinatown, Lee Lee’s, had been recommended at dinner because it came with a head and back massage and a shampoo and was still only $17. A map was drawn on a small piece of white paper. We found the place. I got the haircut deal, while Becks just got a massage, shampoo, and style. It was great.

After some doing we made our way to Newark Airport, sandwiches in hand, and caught our flight.

Departure: New Jersey Transport to Newark, $15; Air India, Newark to Charles de Gaulle, $690 roundtrip; train from CDG to Paris, 10€.
How Many Places I’m Behind on My Blog: 3!

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