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Paris, France

10/16/2008 – 10/21/2008

On our first day in Paris, Becks and I walked around, had coffees, and enjoyed chilling out. I also began trying to remember French.

Friday morning, Christina arrived bright and early. Also, I had my first casualty of the trip, forgetting my watch in our first hostel room when we changed rooms. Oh well, it lasted one day at least :). We headed out to meet Christina’s friend Sarah, and together stumbled upon something rare in France, a great breakfast (petit dejeuner). After a couple of hours of eating and chatting, we parted ways. The rest of the day was spent walking around and helping Christina stay awake. We met some more of her friends for dinner and called it a relatively early night.

Saturday morning we ventured out with plans to see the Louvre. First, stops to pick up bread and cheese, then a breakfast in front of the pigeons outside of the Louvre entrance. Next, a lot of art. The “big three” had been moved around since my last visit, but we managed to find all of them. The Louvre is huge–one visit is nowhere near enough. As a side note, this conversation between me and Christina was repeated about a hundred times during the weekend:

Me: Hey Christina, what’s the french word for XXX?
Christina: It’s YYY.
Me: Thanks! I’ll stop bothering you sometime soon, but I have all these words on the tip of my tongue and I know that you know them so I ask. Sorry.

After the Louvre we wandered around all afternoon & evening, eventually making our way to the Eiffel Tower for some pictures. We tried to make trip up but I had to make a phone call to the states (Air India had cancelled my flight home, which was awesome) so we hung out at a phone booth instead.

Versailles, the palace of Louis XIV, is a fun visit. That’s what we did Sunday. Also, we went to Refuge des Fondus, an incredibly popular tiny restaurant that serves fondue and wine in baby bottles. We ate a lot of cheese and got mildly drunk. šŸ™‚

After a full weekend (most of which I’ve managed to not write about) Christina left early Monday morning. Becks’ flight wasn’t until the afternoon so we hung out for a while playing cribbage, eating, and drinking. After I walked her to the train station I went back to the hostel and met a few of my fellow guests, notably a talkative pair of Canadians from Calgary, Dylan and Dylan. As I was heading out to get food I ran into a friendly German girl who lives in England named Katarina. We ended up eating together and hanging out on Montmartre with a bottle of wine. Fun times.

I woke up in the middle of the night to catch a bus out to Beauvais, the cheapo airport.

Reading: maps.
Departure: Coach to Beauvais, 13ā‚¬; Ryanair, Beauvais to Stockholm Skavsta, 1ā‚¬, plus 10ā‚¬ in silly fees (not being an EU citizen, not having a UK or Irish credit card); coach to Stockholm, 110 SEK (about 11ā‚¬).
How Many Places Iā€™m Behind on My Blog: I have no idea!

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