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A Quote

I’m reading Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins, and I really like this quote:

When the band began again to play, it worked into an impromptu arrangement of “Barbie Doll’s Hysterectomy,” a little number from the repertoire of Hoodoo Meat Bucket. This, of course, in honor of Ziller, who, toward the end of the piece, was persuaded to replace the old Apache on drums. Oh my. Yes, yes. Everything they’d heard was true. In and out of the melody, crossing the beat like a jaywalker dodging taxicabs, accentuating the offbeats, creating counterbeats, he drummed like a thousand-handed deity: Kwan Yin, all arms and bliss. (page 29, emphasis mine)

I love it! Also, a quick trip to Wikipedia reveals a Buddhist legend about Kwan Yin and the thousand arms.

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Winter Mix

I’m stuck in the Denver Airport. It’s cold and wintery outside here so it seems appropriate to post a link to dmoefunk’s winter jam collection.

Enjoy! (I know I am.)

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Back on the Wagon

Okay, since I’m apparently terrible at writing about my trip to Europe, I’m just going to start writing about random stuff again. I’m currently in Washington, DC. I’ve been here since January 13th. It’s been a fun time of seeing friends and enjoying some inaugural festivities.

Also, I’ve discovered the neighborhood of Mt. Pleasant. It’s awesome! If I move back to DC I’ll for sure try to live here.

I still plan to write about my European adventures at some point, but in the meantime you can look at this nifty map of my travels in 2008. As you can see I did a pretty good job of following my plan.

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