Guatemala: day one

The most important thing about that is that I don’t speak any spanish. I’m doing fine, though (so far, at least).

The Guatemala City airport doesn’t have an ATM in it. What’s up with that? It’s undergoing renovations so they don’t have ANYthing there right now. Pretty much just a bunch of taxis. I got a taxi and had the guy take me to an ATM in a gas station, (“I don’t have any money to pay you” translates pretty well) but it was still weird.

I overpaid a lot for the five minute taxi ride (70 Quetzales), but he took me to the bus that got me to Panajachel, a three plus hour ride, for 30Q, so it all worked out fine.

I’m spending the night here and heading across the lake tomorrow to find my school. Talk to you soon.

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