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This shit cracks me up

From The Hold Steady‘s web page about their new album, Boys and Girls in America:

No. I moved to New York when I was 29 years old, so maybe you’re hanging out with a better quality of person. When you’re 18, there’s some idiots who are like, “We’re gonna go drink this under a bridge, you wanna come?” And you’re like, “Yeah. Absolutely. How would we not want to drink under a bridge?” I think Minneapolis is pretty unique. The delinquents out there are pretty delinquent. And everyone’s got a car, so there’s like, a lot of mobility. A lot of bad ideas can be put into action quickly. ‘Cause you can like, haul stuff.

That’s priceless, and so true about much of America.

Oh, and it’s a great album. Check it out! I think I’m going to go see them when they are in D.C. in November.

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