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Cecily suggested that I start reading her friend’s blog, Capitulate Now, so I did. And now I’ve moved away and will never meet her. Right.

Something she wrote this (last?) week inspired me to write about the packing process. I’ve been working around this stupid issue as I plan what I’m going to take with me:

Anyway, there have been many, many sightings of overly practical footwear, I’ll tell you that much. Overly practical outfits in general. Is it just me, or is it kind of rude to visit a city — a city where there are plenty of modern, educated, worldly human beings who get up and go to work and school and just live their lives every day — and dress as though you’re on some kind of slob safari? And is this rudeness not magnified when you’re white and wealthy and when the country you’re visiting doesn’t have quite so robust a GDP and is also filled with brown-skinned people? I don’t think I’m being overly sensitive. Shit sends a message. Here, walking down the street, we have a Oaxacan native, sipping a coffee, dressed for the office, maybe talking on a cell phone. Nice haircut, good sunglasses. And right behind him we have Tad from Australia, lugging all his worldly possessions on his back and wearing the most horrifying clothes imaginable. Unwashed hair. T-shirt from Thailand. Elastic waistband pajama pants. Flip fucking flops. Seemingly living in fear of the slightest sartorial discomfort, or the possibility that he’ll get stuck in the middle of town and suddenly realize he doesn’t have his camp stove, or whatever it is he’s carrying in his stupid backpack. Which is invariably covered in flag patches. And don’t get me started on what the girls wear, oh god oh jesus I just hate everybody! Put on some real shoes! Put together an outfit! Show some respect! You’re not blazing a trail through the rain forest!

Capitulate Now

So the author has some anger to deal with, but the issue is real for sure. My problem is that the most practical (lightest, most breathable, etc.) clothing available all looks really stupid and outdoorsy, which is unacceptable. I’m trying to find clothes that are both practical and look normal, but it’s somewhat challenging. Suggestions? Please let me know.

As I pack, I’m using onebag.com and this picture from very small array for advice and inspiration.

what the artist brought with her as she arrived home

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