Bay Area, California

8/15/2008 – 8/17/2008

All afternoon on the train we had been running a few hours late, but we were slowly catching up to the original schedule. I called Andy at about 7:30 PM and told him that I was almost there. He was apparently not available, expecting me to arrive around 8:30 as I’d been predicting earlier, so he sent his brother Tommy down to the train station to pick me up. Great! After saying goodbye to a few of the people I’d met on the train, and shouldered my packs and headed out.

Berkeley is nice! The neighborhood where Andy and Tommy live has a very nice feel, and I guess they both ride their bikes to get around a fair amount.

Nerd moment: I haven’t played video games very much in years, but somehow Andy and I managed to play through the whole game of Halo 3 during my visit. Fun times. We also had some Brazilian food, played disc golf, and went out in San Francisco.

Andy throwing

All in all, it was a great experience, but it was much too short. On the upside, Andy decided to join us for the cruise in November, so I’ll be spending some quality time with him later on in the year.

Departure: My dad picked me up Sunday morning at Andy’s house.

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