Western Canada, Somewhat Briefly

I’ve fallen so far behind that I’m going to start combining things. This blogging-while-traveling thing is harder than I expected. I’ll try to do better. Also, I have pictures that I meant to post with this but they are left behind on my computer in Eugene, Oregon so I’ll have to add them later. Sorry.

Regina, Saskatchewan
9/14/2008 – 9/18/2008

I ran, ate, played card games with my family, visited my great aunt in the hospital, and generally relaxed for a few days here. Highlights included a long run around lots of Regina, including Lake Wascana, and a nice walk the next day with my great aunt Donna and her dog, Fyre, around part of the same lake. We visited the Saskatchewan Parliament, too, though I didn’t do the tour.

Calgary, Alberta
9/18/2008 – 9/22/2008

Cousins – that was the theme of this visit. But before that, we arrived at my Aunt Kathy’s house to be startled by the jackrabbit living in the front yard. Apparently this is a common thing in Calgary: there are rabbits everywhere. Weird. Anyways, that first night we just ordered pizza and talked the night away. I did a lot of listening, but one highlight was when Kathy made us all make lists of things we wanted to do. It turns out mine involves lots of high altitude stuff. I didn’t really realize that until I wrote it down. Also, I am actually going to get a motorcycle eventually.

On Friday, I went for a nice run in Fish Creek Park. I asked directions to the park from a woman who was going way farther than me and way faster than me. Cool. I’m curious if maybe she is a professional athlete of some sort. Not that anybody who goes farther and faster than me is pro, not at all, but she gave me a vibe that running was pretty serious to her. Hmm. After the run I got a ride over to my cousin Danielle and her husband Scott’s house. I got to meet my second cousin, Cade, who is only a year old and very cute. It was great to catch up with Danielle and to really meet Scott. I had met him at the wedding a couple of years ago but only for a minute. It was nice to hang out. Stacie (known as Jo) showed up after a bit and we had burgers for dinner and then played guitar hero. Stace and I tried to go to a movie that night but I read the schedule wrong and we ended up at a closed-for-the-night cinema. So we drove back home and watched a movie on our own. Fun times.

We actually saw the movie the next day, Burn After Reading. My first reaction was that it was strange and pointless but still entertaining, but I think as time has passed it has grown on me. I liked it. I’d like to see it again. Then we met Jo’s friend Claudio for very Canadian 5-pin bowling and together they gave me a bit of a tour of the city. We got fancy coffees and walked along the river. Fun times. Eventually, after several stops at pet stores in search of hedgehog food (hedgehogs have special food?), they dropped me off at my other cousin Tara’s house. We got dinner and talked a lot and then she took me to her work, at the airport, where she flies planes, and I got to look slightly psychotic while posing in the cockpit of her plane. Fun times. A beer and more chatting before I headed back to Kathy’s house for the night.

Bright and early we were back on the road, headed through beautiful Banff National Park and all the way back to Kamloops.

Kamloops & Lac Le Jeune, British Columbia
9/23/2008 – 9/25/2008

My last two days with my grandparents were spent doing more of the same: running, eating, playing games, reading, and talking, but the addition of fishing. In our first (of three) trips out on the lake I managed to catch a nice trout that we ate for dinner the next night, but we came back in empty-handed and cold on the other trips. Nevertheless, fishing is fun and it’s very relaxing to spend time on the lake. Thursday at noon I was on a bus headed to Vancouver.

Reading: The Balkans – finally finished it; A Storm of Swords; Ender’s Game – an old favorite that I found my grandpa using to raise his computer monitor up, I took it.
Departure: Greyhound Bus from Kamloops to Vancouver, British Columbia, $43.05 CAD.

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