Things I have learned in Guatemala (so far)

  • A bit of Spanish.
  • To like (maybe that’s not the perfect word) instant coffee.
  • Related: to appreciate real coffee.
  • That around $3 US per hour here is enough to support myself on very few hours. The kind-of-sort-of-enforced minimum wage here in Guatemala is around $7 per day.
  • That I really like learning languages, or at least Spanish.
  • That learning languages is difficult and frustrating but very rewarding.
  • That I like teaching English even though I’m not very good at it (yet). I’m studying this in addition to Spanish.
  • That a meal without tortillas is missing something very important.
  • Many more, too, but I’m not writing them here.

I’m alive! I’m still liking it a lot here. I’m working most days, but only a couple of hours. I’m learning lots. Have any questions? Post or email!

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