Oregon, Again

Eugene, Oregon
9/29/2008 – 10/4/2008

I spent a few days in Eugene, mostly chilling out and seeing friends. Nothing too exciting happened during most of the time, but I got to see Jake and Steph a bunch which was cool. Also I discovered that Kristen has been playing World of Warcraft obsessively for more than a year. She showed me how it works and we played together a bit. Fun times, that. Traditionally, I’m the nerdier one. Haha.

On Saturday, Jimbo came down to DJ a party. He stopped at my mom’s house and we watched the Oregon game and ate pizza. We went to the party and ended up staying up most of the night. A couple hours of terrible sleep later, and we were driving up to Portland in his pop’s car. Good music, though.

This was the last time I’ll be in Eugene until Christmas Eve, if my flights work out right.

Portland, Oregon
10/4/2008 – 10/6/2008

The early drive to Portland was mostly my idea — I wanted to meet Gentiana for lunch. This was especially important because I hadn’t seen her in several years. It was really great to catch up, and to finally meet the “gentleman friend” as she calls him. After lunch we visited Voodoo Donuts and had a beer and played skeeball. Skeeball!! I’m not very good, but because of that book it’s pretty much my favorite arcadey game.

I spent the night at Nathan’s on the basement couch, then I woke up and played a lot of Grand Theft Auto on his giant TV. Dinner and drinks at Jimbo and Carl’s house before Carl generously drove me to the airport for my midnight flight. Also, I won a game of cribbage against Jim.

Reading: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; Into Thin Air.
Departure: Jet Blue, Portland to Buffalo via NYC, $160; Megabus, Buffalo to Toronto, $9.
How Many Places I’m Behind on My Blog: 4. Yuck.

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Eugene, Oregon

8/19/2008 – 8/29/2008

Wow, I fell way behind on updating this. Eugene was too lazy, I guess. And I’ve been too busy since I started traveling again. Anyways, I’ll try to post a couple things up today and catch up to where I currently am (Vancouver!).

Eugene was great fun, but only a few things happened that are really worth mentioning. I spent quite a bit of time preparing for the upcoming journey, which was partially fun and partially stressful, but in between that I got to do some fun stuff. A concert, some bar time, some hiking, reading, watching Olympics, etc.

On the weekend, Steph and I went for a hike up Mt June. It was pretty nice and we managed to have a nice walk in the woods even though we did get somewhat lost.

View from Mt June Mt June

Tuesday through Thursday I was backpacking in the Three Sisters Wilderness Area of the Willamette National Forest. More on that in the next post, but we climbed the middle sister on Wednesday.

Reading: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood; The Balkans – a 700 page tome that John recommended I read before we go there. I can’t wait to finish it so I won’t have to carry it around anymore.

Departure: Amtrak Thruway bus from Eugene to Portland, Oregon, $22.00.

Funny story: I had a ticket on the early morning Cascades train to Portland, but after I had been sitting in my seat for about 5 minutes waiting for the train to leave I realized that my passport was still at my mom’s house. “Excuse me, excuse me,” I said, as I pushed past some people and jumped out of the closing train door. Fortunately, some friendly Amtrak employees moved my ticket to the bus two-and-a-half hours later (refunding me four dollars in the process) and Steph, who hadn’t yet left for the weekend, was able to run me out there real quick to pick it up. Fun times.

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Eugene Life

This morning

Pizza Coffee

Leftover pizza and a giant mug of coffee–breakfast of champions.

Things my mother taught me this week: ham & pineapple & artichokes makes a very tasty pizza.


Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen to see how Eugene, Oregon’s southern food stacks up. Not that I’m the expert or anything, but at least I’ve had barbecue in the south. Yes, they have a myspace.

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