Tidbits in Current Events

  • After spending approximately 5 hours on the phone with Cheaptickets.com and Air India, I managed to repair my return flight to the USA. Yay.
  • I am in Sweden.
  • This poster is in the house I’m staying in. I like it.

The Advantages, Stockholm, Sweden

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Schedules Are Important, Sort Of

When I thought my flight to New York was: 8:00 AM
When it actually was: 7:00 AM

They put me on the half-full 8:00 flight and everything was fine.

Cost / Benefit of missing my actual flight? I gained an hour of sleep, a few minutes of stress, and the increased possiblity of losing my luggage in the New York to Chicago transfer. We’ll see what happens with that.

Anyways, this kicks off the trip. Between my place to stay in Chicago falling through and missing my very first flight, the journey promises to be an interesting one.

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