Winter Mix

I’m stuck in the Denver Airport. It’s cold and wintery outside here so it seems appropriate to post a link to dmoefunk’s winter jam collection.

Enjoy! (I know I am.)

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Cool videos

Remember when I just posted cool videos every post? Yeah, before I was traveling. Well, now that I’m at Aaron’s house in Stockholm I get to look at the internet again and I’ve found a few cool things today.

I read about this first one on Statistically Improbable Phrases.




I just stumbled upon this crazy hilarious thing:

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HOIFL: Two In One Day

That’s right, two pieces of music in one day. You’re lucky!

Sage Francis – Good Fashion

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Jetplanes of Abraham – Take the Cash

That band I saw in Ottawa, Jetplanes of Abraham? They’re really good. I bought their album and have been listening to it a bunch. I really like the track, so check it out.

Jetplanes of Abraham – Take the Cash

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Everybody Likes Music

How about some music? Everybody likes music, right? Maybe not quite everybody, but lots of people do, so here you go. I keep seeing really cool openers by accident at the 9:30 club. The latest was Santogold. They played with Architecture in Helsinki, and they are super. Here, have a taste:

Santogold – Creator

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The Harlem Shakes

Another nifty song for you. I saw The Harlem Shakes at the Black Cat last fall and really liked them. Fun opening band, for sure. If you get a chance, go check them out.

The Harlem Shakes – Carpetbaggers

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Song of HOIFL: Grovesnor – Notemoves

DJ KiCKS - Hot Chip

HOIFL: However Often I Feel Like

A while back I picked up (read: obtained) Hot Chip‘s mix cd in the DJ Kicks series. The first track is really hot. And the whole album is worth listening to.

Check it out: Grovesnor – Notemoves.

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If you like music

then you need to listen to this, because it’s great:

Ratatat - Remixes II

Slim Thug, T.I. & Bun-B – Three Kings (Ratatat Remix)

I don’t mean to harp on Ratatat too much, but they are really good. I have been listening to other things recently (like the South African group Freshlyground) but I keep coming back to Ratatat’s albums.

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