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Google Reader Trends - September 22, 2007

This suggests that I was bored at work this week. In reality, exactly the opposite was true. I was very productive this week. So what’s going on? I guess I was just much more efficient than usual.

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I can’t believe I never saw this before

Because it is awesome: Daft Hands – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

And on another topic entirely, I finally, after a few half-assed attempts and months of not trying, managed to really memorize the ASL alphabet. And I’ve learned the question words, and the days of the week, and a few other things. I’m slowly getting it, yay!

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Ferret Gambling (plus disclaimer)

Ferret Gambling

Disclaimer: I found the image in my last post while doing a google image search for “ferrets gambling”, of all things. In case you are wondering, Ben, Steph, and I are responsible for the best ferret gambling picture not indexed by google, as shown here (click for a close up):

Ferrets are awesome when they gamble. Actually, they’re awesome all the time.

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Applies to…everything?

I think this Venn diagram is clever:

Venn Diagram Example

From a nerdy article that’s probably not interesting to anyone reading this. It’s not even really interesting to me, but I at least know what he is talking about

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MIA again

So I’ve gone MIA again. Apparently, I’m not very good at keeping up with this blogging thing. I’ll try harder. Maybe.

Anyways, here’s an update:

  • I’m going home to Oregon for two weeks tomorrow. Lots of old friends and family. It’ll be fun! I’m hoping to go camping at Crater Lake. I might even remember to take (and use) my camera this trip, something I rarely do.
  • I’ve actually continued to run regularly! I’m surprising myself here: almost 50 miles in July.
  • Last night was our last ultimate game of the season. Unfortunately a tough loss which knocked us out of the playoffs, but we’ll be back strong for Fall season. I do love the frisbee, but it’ll be nice to have a couple more free evenings a week for a while.
  • Both of my roommates are moving out (one last week, one next week) and are being replaced. I’ve met one of the replacements already and she seems cool. I’m excited about the new people, but I’ll miss the old ones.

I guess that’s it for now.

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Stu and I were just talking about this on Sunday, and my friend Elizabeth sent me a video today. Parkour, sometimes called l’art du d├ęplacement (English: the art of movement), is really cool looking. This video is not necessarily the best one out there, but it’s a good taste of the sport/activity/way of life/whatever.

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Another Map

Speaking of maps…this one shows my facebook friends’ hometowns. It can’t match a lot of people because they put in non-standard things for their hometowns, and it seems to have an especially difficult time with Canada, but it’s still interesting.

Facebook Friends

Make your own at MapYourBuddies.

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hey ya

I’m eating paella right now. It’s from the cafeteria here at work, and it’s surprisingly good. I like seafood paella.

In other news: I’m going to New York this weekend. Get this: I’m going for no particular reason. A good thing about living a reasonably short and cheap bus ride away from a very cool city. I think we’re going to go the Mets game tomorrow, and maybe we’ll see a play or something. Who knows! That’s the beauty of it.

I have two very dead camera batteries with me, so I’ll try to get them charged up and take some pictures.

If you like weird/funny internet history then you should check this article about internet jargon and funny pictures out. If you don’t know much about crazy internet memes then watch out — you have lots to learn here.

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Denver, CO

Sarah says:

And, at the end of poetry slams in denver, everyone says this: “Denver, proud city of the plains, hold high our spirits, sing well our praise, for in you we live, and are loved.” I really, really like that.

I really, really like that too. Makes me want to see poetry in Denver.

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I just read about Navajo (the language) and my head almost exploded. Holy complicated.

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