Eugene, Oregon to Xela, Guatemala

Disclaimer: I know that lists of travel with costs and times can be pretty boring, but I like transportation, so I thank you for bearing with me.

I left Eugene the evening of August 4th and arrived in Xela the evening of August 6th.

Greyhound, Eugene to LA, 9:20 PM to 3 PM, $84. The ride was surprisingly fine. I watched a movie and actually slept quite a lot.

Two LA Metro Buses: half an hour, $2.50.

At this point I hung out at Ben’s house chatting, drinking beer, and eating delicious homemade pizza until about 11 PM. I had an early morning ahead of me so went to bed.

SuperShuttle: 3:45 AM to 4:30 AM, $27.

Mexicana: 6:45 AM to 12:30 PM, Los Angeles to Mexico City; 1:50 PM to 3:30 PM, Mexico to Guatemala. Roundtrip cost $215! Short layovers in Mexico City suck bigtime. Both of mine consisted of sweating a lot in the immigration line followed by sweating a lot as I ran through the airport trying to find the stupid gate. I also made it both times, but I’m not sure my seat-mates appreciated the smell.

Taxi, airport to bus station: 20 minutes, Q70 approx. $9.
Alamo pullman bus, Guatemala City to Xela: 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM, Q60 approx. $7.50.

So I made it. Woo!

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Oregon, Again

Eugene, Oregon
9/29/2008 – 10/4/2008

I spent a few days in Eugene, mostly chilling out and seeing friends. Nothing too exciting happened during most of the time, but I got to see Jake and Steph a bunch which was cool. Also I discovered that Kristen has been playing World of Warcraft obsessively for more than a year. She showed me how it works and we played together a bit. Fun times, that. Traditionally, I’m the nerdier one. Haha.

On Saturday, Jimbo came down to DJ a party. He stopped at my mom’s house and we watched the Oregon game and ate pizza. We went to the party and ended up staying up most of the night. A couple hours of terrible sleep later, and we were driving up to Portland in his pop’s car. Good music, though.

This was the last time I’ll be in Eugene until Christmas Eve, if my flights work out right.

Portland, Oregon
10/4/2008 – 10/6/2008

The early drive to Portland was mostly my idea — I wanted to meet Gentiana for lunch. This was especially important because I hadn’t seen her in several years. It was really great to catch up, and to finally meet the “gentleman friend” as she calls him. After lunch we visited Voodoo Donuts and had a beer and played skeeball. Skeeball!! I’m not very good, but because of that book it’s pretty much my favorite arcadey game.

I spent the night at Nathan’s on the basement couch, then I woke up and played a lot of Grand Theft Auto on his giant TV. Dinner and drinks at Jimbo and Carl’s house before Carl generously drove me to the airport for my midnight flight. Also, I won a game of cribbage against Jim.

Reading: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; Into Thin Air.
Departure: Jet Blue, Portland to Buffalo via NYC, $160; Megabus, Buffalo to Toronto, $9.
How Many Places I’m Behind on My Blog: 4. Yuck.

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Arrowhead Lake & the Middle Sister

8/26/2008 – 8/28/2008

I went backpacking with my buddy Jake and his friend Toby. After borrowing a lot of gear from Jake and packing my backpack up, we headed over to Toby’s house for a delicious breakfast. As we finished breakfast, it was still only 9 AM or so, so we still got an early start. Driving out of Eugene through Springfield, up highway 126, then turning onto old 242 we soon arrived at the Obsidian Limited Access Area trailhead, parked and headed out. I hadn’t really hiked in the area around the sisters before, but wow! it’s really beautiful.

On Wednesday morning, we woke early ready to climb the mountain, only to find terrible weather. It was completely “socked in” which apparently is commonly understood to mean “cloudy and foggy everwhere” even though I’ve never heard it before. Anyways, we went back to sleep for a while. Eventually, I got out of the tent and shivered while I made some coffee, quickly returning to the tent to eat breakfast and figure out what we would do. Around 12:30 we decided that even though the weather was bad we had to do something, so we flipped a rock to decide whether to hike uphill or downhill. The plan was just to walk around for an hour or two and see what happened. The rock said to go uphill, so we grabbed a powerbar each and headed out. As we left I asked if there wasn’t some chance we might climb the mountain, so Toby and Jake each grabbed their ice axes. This was the start of our “accidental” summit of the Middle Sister. Here’s a view from the top, including the South Sister and Jake:

Panorama from Summit, Middle Sister, Oregon

After returning to camp, Jake and I went for a silly run which left me really, really tired. Fun times.

I took a bunch of pictures during the trip, so go take a look at the whole set on flickr. As you will see, we also stopped at Proxy Falls on the way home.

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I did lots of things in Oregon

Without details, here is the schedule my friend Ben and I made for our week. We made this in the midst of our Seven-Step Monday Nightâ„¢ (which we only completed six steps of, unfortunately). There were many corrections, additions, subtractions, and eventually the complete loss of the schedule. It was a great week.

the schedule

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MIA again

So I’ve gone MIA again. Apparently, I’m not very good at keeping up with this blogging thing. I’ll try harder. Maybe.

Anyways, here’s an update:

  • I’m going home to Oregon for two weeks tomorrow. Lots of old friends and family. It’ll be fun! I’m hoping to go camping at Crater Lake. I might even remember to take (and use) my camera this trip, something I rarely do.
  • I’ve actually continued to run regularly! I’m surprising myself here: almost 50 miles in July.
  • Last night was our last ultimate game of the season. Unfortunately a tough loss which knocked us out of the playoffs, but we’ll be back strong for Fall season. I do love the frisbee, but it’ll be nice to have a couple more free evenings a week for a while.
  • Both of my roommates are moving out (one last week, one next week) and are being replaced. I’ve met one of the replacements already and she seems cool. I’m excited about the new people, but I’ll miss the old ones.

I guess that’s it for now.

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