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I’m a little late on this (like a month, but whatever), but I’ve got to agree with Caps in his assessment: Are you fucking kidding me? from The Stencil.

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A very funny article

Maybe it’s because I live in DC, relatively close to the political center of the nation, but I found this article in the Washington Post, “A Surreality Check” By Richard Cohen, extremely entertaining. Thanks to Krista for pointing it out.

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My Work

So the report that we’ve been working on for months and months is finally finished. It’s really long, but there is actually some very interesting stuff about credit scores and credit scoring in there. You have to click through like three pages of the Fed’s web page, so here’s a direct link: Report to the Congress on Credit Scoring and Its Effects on the Availability and Affordability of Credit (1.84 MB PDF).

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Science And Cartoons

Cartoon of National Wildlife Preserves

A while ago my friend Elizabeth sent a facebook group invite around about some group for independent science. I joined after letting the invite languish for a week or so. It turns out I made the right choice. The Union of Concerned Scienctists is running a contest:

This spring, creative minds throughout America took the opportunity to show off their artistic and comedic talents in support of independent science by entering the 2nd annual Science Idol: the Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest. We received hundreds of compelling cartoons and our panel of celebrity judges helped narrow those entries to 12 great finalists.

Check out the finalists for yourself, but this one is my favorite.

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Gallaudet Graduation – fun, fun, fun

My friend Cecily received her master’s degree in linguistics from Gallaudet last week. I wasn’t able to make it, but she was selected to give the graduate student graduation speech (say that ten times fast), and from what I hear it was great. The text of the speech is available online. Cecily pointed it out and I’m going to post the link here, too, but before I give it to you let me give you some background on the article and comment thread you are about to read.

The speech is good. It’s about multilingualism and how everybody should try to be multilingual. True. But the real meat of the page is the comment thread that follows. Go take a look at Julie Hochgesang’s entry, Speech, Speech, Speech! at the DeafDC blog. It’s a long page, but much of it is worth reading, and it becomes increasingly funny as you read through the comments.

Dear Bert, From Sean

One commenter in particular, a guy named Bert, had me about ready to respond. I thought better of it, however, and simply took a screenshot of what I wrote. Once you’ve read the thread, or even before if you want, take a look at this picture.

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Maps are cool

I ran into a nifty mapblog (or is it maplog?) detailing a congressional trip to Iraq. A mapblog is like a weblog or photoblog, but on a map. I never would have thought of that. It’s kind of neat, though. Check it out.

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Strange (and Funny) Maps

I found a cool weblog, called Strange Maps. It looks pretty interesting in general, but I found it because of this funny comic/map at xkcd:

Online Communities - xkcd

Somebody talking about the first one linked to the following two maps:

The World According to Ronald Reagan The World According to Dubya

Funny stuff, eh?


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Personal Robocaller!

DCist directed me to an interesting and entertaining article at one of their contributors’ blogs this morning. It’s called part man. part machine. all disenfranchising. and this paragraph (step four in the plan) made me laugh:

4. Record a disenfranchising message. Maybe you warn that back taxes or delinquent parking tickets will be collected at the polling place. Or maybe you direct voters to a new, nonexistent polling place. It’s not hard — it just takes a little bit of imagination and a computer with a microphone.

I don’t know the guy that wrote this, but I tend to agree with him that “the big boys are already misbehaving — I don’t particularly mind if the process gets democratized.” Go us!

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