A Funny Video!

I’m still here. It’s been a while since video post, so here you go:

Update: this nike skateboarding ad is also pretty awesome.

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Europe Has Neat Stories

The Free State of Bottleneck, via Strange Maps.

We may have things like this in American history, too, but I don’t know about them.

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New Zealand

I haven’t been here in a while. I’d apologize, but there are like 2 of you out there, so I’m not worried about it. Anyways, here are a few things…

I just watched the first episode of Flight of the Conchords. I’m really glad that my roommate Sara has HBO. It’s OMG-hilarious, and I don’t use three letter internet acronyms lightly. In fact, I never use them, so this is serious business. It’s a really strange show about two guys, in a band, from New Zealand, who live in New York City and are trying to make it, sort of. But mostly just about strange interactions between them and the world and between the two of them. It also has musical sequences that are actually funny. It made me laugh out loud a lot, which TV rarely does. Right, enough about that. Watch it if you get a chance.

One of the two guys in the show also made a movie recently, Eagle vs. Shark, that I managed to catch a sneak preview of. It’s pretty funny, but very strange. I recommend the show over the movie, but it’s worth seeing.

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Strange (and Funny) Maps

I found a cool weblog, called Strange Maps. It looks pretty interesting in general, but I found it because of this funny comic/map at xkcd:

Online Communities - xkcd

Somebody talking about the first one linked to the following two maps:

The World According to Ronald Reagan The World According to Dubya

Funny stuff, eh?


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Saw This on Facebook

From Zoe Bond’s facebook page. I think it’s funny. I need to watch Eddie Izzard again.

God: “Well ok, who am I? Oh, ok…I created the world in 6 days. On the 7th day I rested, on the 8th day I rested…again, 9th day rested-Cuz i had just made a FUCKING world…ya know? 10th day rested…on the 14th day I decided to smoke all the marijuana I had created (just to test the first batch)..then on the 15th day I decided to smoke all the opium I created (just to test the first batch)…and on the 309th day-I woke up again and decided to create 500 Huuuge monsters that i had seen just the night before.” -eddie izzard on dinosaurs

P.S. Mostly, this post is for Molly (my internet stalker?), and I have no idea who Zoe Bond is. But apparently I have a friend who is her friend.
Update: I found a different and maybe better version of this at some random site.

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2006 HMDA article

I provided research assistance on the Federal Reserve’s 2006 HMDA article. It is “published” in the Federal Reserve Bulletin and available as a .pdf from that same page.

HMDA stands for Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, and it is legislation that makes mortgage lenders report various things about applications they receive to the government, and indirectly, to me. Then my bosses (and I) write up this report on what’s new in the world of mortgages this year! It’s pretty darn exciting. Or not. Whatever. We’re looking at issues like racial disparity in loan approval rates and loan pricing.

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